Men's bracelets come in many different metals and styles, each with it's own unique characteristics.  Gold bracelets are very popular, but expensive, amongst men buyers.

Image by Aurélia Dubois

History of Men's Bracelets

Ancient Times

Men's bracelets have a long history dating back to Ancient Times.  In Ancient Times men's bracelets were worn pragmatically as armor to protect the arm during battle. 


Bracelets were also worn as a status symbol by Kings and nobility, and gold bracelets were used as a means of barter for other goods.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages men's bracelets continued to act as body armor during battle, and gold and silver bracelets were used as money when bartering.

Precious gemstones became more commonplace amongst royalty during the Middle Ages.  Exotic bracelets adorned with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires were crafted.

Modern Times

During the 1800's and 1900's many different styles of bracelets were invented including the very popular gold figaro and cuban link bracelets. 


New metals, alloys, and materials continue to innovate the men's bracelets market giving enthusiasts a wide variety of choices at almost any budget.

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